Album Between Heaven and Earth
This album is a ten tracks jazz record featuring some of London's most exiting emerging talents : Najwa Ezzaher (The Voice France 2014- Finals), Tomasz Bura (Yolanda Charles, Etienne Mbappe), Paul Michael (Emily Saunders), Jason Reeve (Maurizio Minardi Trio, John Etheridge) and Chris Rand (Nine Below Zero, Ben Waters). It has been mixed by George Murphy and mastered by Andrew Tulloch.
The album has been recoded in two days in Eastcote Studios, London. During the sessions I cared that all musicians record at the same time in order to to capture the singularity of the instant. This way we immortalised the most unique and raw moments.

Faking was not an option and the best or the worst could happen. This paradox of the human condition fascinates me and has inspired most of the album. Between Heaven and Earth expresses a will to reach perfection while being unable to do so. An ever perfectable journey through necessary deceptions and successes.
Mount Lebanon, a place dear to my heart, inspired the title of the album, for it expresses the same idea of duality. A beautiful country torn apart by its history. It is the soul and the inspiration breathing through the notes, and the sound which I hope will make you travel and draw colors in your own mind.
Alex Scheuerer - London W13
© Copyright P. Scheuerer - 2013